Most of my development now happens on GitHub.
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Project Description Owner Last Change
debian/cdbs-kernel-module.git CDBS support for building... Frédéric Brière 9 years ago
debian/ GnuPG repository key of the... Frédéric Brière 17 months ago
debian/game-data-packager-tools.git Frédéric Brière 8 years ago
debian/libtorrent-rasterbar.git libtorrent-rasterbar 1.x Frédéric Brière 8 months ago
debian/qbittorrent.git qBittorrent compiled with... Frédéric Brière 3 months ago
debian/scumm-package.git Frédéric Brière 8 years ago
envcan.git Display weather information... Frédéric Brière 6 years ago
traypingy.git Regularly ping hosts to determ... Frédéric Brière 8 years ago
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